Friday, August 3, 2007

Ground Zero

This is Ground Zero in Manhattan, NYC. 2004 -There was still a great deal of damage. I was amazed to see such a sight after almost three years. We have all been made aware of 9/11/01.
The ideas for a the New Freedom Tower were under works. To this day, there is still much construction going on. I posted these to show that even after disaster, a new dream can be created. I can imagine a great deal of people made new goals and new dreams that day. I can only hope that they have each achieved and continue to achieve these goals and dreams. Making them a reality. I will continue to post items about New York City. It truly is a beautiful place.
-I'm sorry I do not have better pics. We did not get much of a view at that time. The memorial of the Twin Towers was posted on several boards along the road.


jadey said...

thanks for keeping us posted on the situation still present.

jadey said...

Thanks for keeping us updated with pics on what is still happening in New York.

Keith Hillman said...

One abiding memory I have is of eating a meal in the Window on the World restaurant at the top of the Towers just days before 9/11. I took a menu away with me, and that is now a most poignant reminder of the event that happened just after I left.I hope to return to NY early next year. In the meantime I look forward to seeing more of your pics and articles.

MsRose said...

Keith-Thank You. I am so happy to know you have a good memory from such a tragic event. I will share my story of that day soon.
I hope you you get to go back! NYC is so dear to my heart. It is my home.