Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sights in New Orleans

New Orleans
Can you imagine all this before Hurricane Katrina? Picture how beautiful it must be now!

The tours on boats to see the sights. There are even tours you can take in the swamps and get in touch with real nature ..maybe even an alligator or two . Or, you can sit by the water and watch them go by and enjoy the calm waters.

There is live entertainment all around. You can have your fortune told by numerous people sitting along the streets. You can watch the bands play on the street. I don't know what it is, but even if you do not like jazz, it seems very fitting with the entire atmosphere. Head on over to Cafe Du Monde for coffee. They even have those little French donuts to go wild for! But, watch out! That white powder will coat your clothing. :) Believe me-they're worth it.

The center of the French Quarter! There is much to see and many ways to relax. There is also shopping to satisfy any gift givers needs or memoirs of your trip.
Moving on into the evening. the energy picks up. There are tours into the mausoleums and cemeteries. After you have scared yourself silly, clean up at the hotel. Time for the experience you will love to forget on bourbon street! They have a huge I mean HUGE drink called the Hurricane! You can get it in Slushy form ;) hehe No foolin! Most people start off buying this drink. The night moves on, and you are enjoying the entertainment on the street as well as in the clubs. There is literally, something for everyone musically. You can dance on the street and catch some beads from someone above. You can be free and no one cares because they are doing the same thing you are! Take a walk by the river again before you head back to your hotel. It somehow sobers you a little. Then, try and find some breakfast as well. :) Sleep until noon or 3pm. It doesn't matter. The same thing awaits you the next day! And more...For families, there is usually a parade going on too! There are tours to accommodate any group.


Darlin_Jo said...

Love the pictures...they are really beautiful...


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jadey said...

sounds like Mardi Gras everyday. great pics.


Beautiful article and I like the pictures