Saturday, July 21, 2007

Union Square, NYC

OH yeah! Union Square! As you can see my current theme lately is black and white photos and New York. I have an obsession I'm in love with New York and the camera is my best friend hehe
Well, here we have Union Square. Literally, thousands of people set foot on this square everyday. Whether coming off the train, or stopping by to eat lunch. There a restaurant, a park for kids gated, and a closed in doggy day care/park where u can watch them play. There are benches and steps to sit on. I know you think with all those people, how can it be relaxing.? Well, it is only loud when there is a big protest or a movie being filmed. Half the time, they shoot the movie or video quietly and you're sitting there too amazed and intrigued to speak. I was interviewed by Fox News once, but did not watch the 11pm news to see myself. I was hanging out at coffee shops on Astor Place and Coopers Union down by 8th street. I also liked that 14th St (union square) was a good meeting point for my friends and I. Most of the trains meet right there,so we could plan to be at Union Square by a certain time and then go where we wanted. This is also one of the hottest spots in Manhattan history. Check it out sometime!


Toadee said...

brilliant photography

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jadey said...

I love that you did black and white photography it is great