Friday, July 20, 2007

Cafe's In New Orleans

I Love the cafe's and restaurants in New Orleans. You can walk down any street and find a tiny door to a restaurant or cafe. Now, there are lots of places that are wide open and even some that have no doors. But, these hidden outdoor cafe's and restaurants are like finding a treasure on a map with no X to mark the spot. You can sit peacefully and read or actually hear a conversation you're having with someone. The view is spectacular. Fresh varieties of plants to view..this being the closest to nature that some can handle. The birds actually sit on the table with you if you don't move too quickly. Ok, I thought it was cool anyway hehe In these cafe's you see a lot of locals coming in. This would be until tourists discover the places and overrun them. The locals seek another hangout. I prefer the places I won't be bothered too much when on vacation. Especially, in the morning. I am not a nice person in the mornings hehe *Maybe having a hangover in New Orleans too*hehehe
On top of it all, you can find excellent food at a low or decent price. The first evening meal I have is most special. I get off the plane, ck in my hotel on the French Quarter, and go eat at the Gumbo Shop! I pick a spicy meal and a glass of wine to accentuate the taste. Remembering there may be some drinking later, I make sure I eat the mini loaf of bread they give me too. I found a restaurant like this in Manhattan. It was awesome! Everywhere I go, I look for these little hideaways first. Did I mention the food is great?!! Gumbo Shrimp! Bubba wasn't kidding! hehe And the coffee is strong! Bourbon street is another story hehe Will wait for another time. :)

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